Professional learning modules to support English Language Learners in the classroom.

The courses included in this bundle will help any K-12 educator learn more about how to best support English learners in the classroom. With one click you can enroll in all of our Educating English Learners courses!

If you are already a student in one or more of these courses, you will be added to the remaining courses when you enroll in the bundle.

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What will you learn?

This bundle includes courses that introduce the screening, identification, and placement of ELs. You'll explore your responsibilities as a classroom teacher, and learn about different program models and the process of monitoring and reclassifying an English Learner.

Bundle contents will review information about basic language acquisition, effective classroom strategies for language development, and culturally responsive teaching strategies.

Learn how educators can support students' language development through accommodations, scaffolding, and best practices for ALL learners through practical classroom applications.

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