Newtons Cradle

What will you learn?

This course will introduce you to phenomena-based learning, an important element of science and engineering teaching and learning that will help students develop deep understandings of fundamental science and engineering concepts and exercise science and engineering practices.

Target Audience: K-12 Science Educators and Administrators

Act 48 Hours Available: 3

Pricing: Free for BCIU member districts

$25 for non-members

fish in sea anemone
What are Phenomena?

Explore what phenomena-based learning is and understand the "Whys" of this approach to help students achieve performance expectations aligned to our new standards/NGSS.

student conducting science investigation
How are Phenomena Used?

Define anchor and investigative phenomena and understand how storylines provide a structure for organizing anchoring and investigative phenomena that address disciplinary core ideas.

cells under microscope
Explore Phenomenal Resources

Learn to identify quality phenomena and explore resources to find phenomena aligned to your standards.

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