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What will you learn?

In this workshop early childhood and elementary educators will be introduced to the indi, a screen-free Indy car robot that engages students with basic coding concepts to prepare them for more advanced coding. 

Target Audience: PreK to 3 educators

Act 48 Hours Available: 1

Pricing: Free for BCIU member districts

$10 for non-members

happy indi robot
Proficiency in indi Robotics Operation

Upon completion of this course, teachers will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of indi robotic car's functionality, including how to power it on/off, perform basic troubleshooting, and safely handle the equipment. They will be proficient in setting up and configuring the physical colored code mats to create a conducive learning environment for young children.

kids using indi robots
Pedagogical Integration of indi for Pre-Coding Education

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to design and implement pre-coding lessons using indi, aligning with the developmental needs and cognitive abilities of young learners.

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kids reading indi coding instructions
Foster Problem Solving Skills

Participants will gain expertise in creating engaging activities that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills through hands-on exploration with indi and the physical code mats. 

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